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8v8 tournament, 15 player cap per team

10 am - 5 pm one-day tournament on Saturday, August 10

Early registration: $750 until July 1, then $850


Rules Inclement Weather –


The health and safety of the CFRS community is our top priority and we monitor all weather to ensure we uphold those standards. In the event of inclement weather, our on-site lightning detection system will sound, along with a flashing light from the side of the Fire Pitch. If this system sounds all participants must clear the fields and move inside or to their cars. The system will sound an ‘All Clear’ when it is safe to return to play.

The CFRS staff will monitor any incoming storms and cancel or delay games, as needed. We will play through rain but not lightning. If we need to cancel or delay, we will communicate to all players at the earliest possible opportunity via email, and follow-up with a call/text to your team captains. Players must be on their team’s Dash roster to receive this communication.


CFRS staff will work with team captains to organize make-up games. If a game is canceled during the first half of play, the remainder of the game will be made up. If the game is canceled after ten minutes of the second half, the result at the time of cancelation will stand.



Tie Breakers –


CFRS uses the following tie breaker system for all leagues and tournaments: Points > Goal Differential > Head To Head > Total Goals Scored > Coin Flip.

Our points system is consistent with all FIFA-sanctioned competitions: Win = 3 points / Tie = 1 point / Loss = 0.

Playoff matches that end in a tie will proceed to a three-player shootout. If teams remain tied after each team kicks three times they continue alternating kickers until one team wins.


Red Card Policy –


*CFRS will enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards any physical or verbal violence, discrimination, and racism in any form.


Referees are responsible for managing all elements of a game and their decisions are final. A player receiving a red card is not eligible to play in the remainder of the game in which they received the red card. Red card fines may be imposed to individuals and/or teams based on the severity of the player altercations.


Suspensions and Fines –


CFRS is an affiliated program of the Illinois State Soccer Association and therefore stays in line with their Bylaws and those set out by U.S. Soccer.


CFRS will impose suspensions and fines for all red card offenses, per the following guidelines. All suspensions and fines are at the discretion of CFRS and Chicago Fire Football Club. All suspensions and fines will be communicated directly to the player(s) involved in writing via email, as well as to their team captain.


Two Yellow Cards – Possible One (1) to Two (2) game suspension*
Serious Foul Play – Three (3) game suspension*
Abusive Language – Three (3) game suspension*
Violent Conduct – Suspended the remainder of the season*
Assaulting a Player/Official – Permanent Expulsion from CFRS*
Racist, Homophobic and/or Sexist Language – Permanent Expulsion from CFRS*


*All suspensions are at the discretion of CFRS staff and individuals with Red Card sanctions are NOT eligible for any form of refund or credit.


Any player who receives a Red Card MUST leave the Fire Pitch property. This includes the fields, Pub 97, and all other entities on CFFC property. The game will not resume until the Red Carded player has left the premises. Failure of the Red Carded player to do so may result in the game being forfeited by that player's team.


CFRS and Chicago Fire FC will review all serious incidents, in consultation with the ISSA, by collecting written and/or verbal statements from the player(s) involved, as well as teammates, match officials and spectators. If any player(s) fails to support our investigation, they will also be subject to disciplinary action.


Zero-Tolerance Referee Abuse Policy –

Referees play a vital part in operating our leagues. CFRS uses an experienced referee assignor to schedule referees for all CFRS games. All referees are certified through the United States Soccer Federation and are required to undergo recertification yearly.

We understand that you may not always agree with the decision of a referee. However, the referee’s decision is final. The only player on the field that should be respectfully addressing the referee with a question surrounding a call is the Team Captain.


CFRS will NOT tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse towards referees on or off the field.

Any player that harasses a referee is at the referee’s discretion for sanctioning. This includes a warning, yellow card, or red card. Players given a red card will fall under the Red Card Policy listed above.


Chicago Fire Rec Soccer referees follow the ISAB Laws of the Game and US Soccer Federation guidelines with respect to the Rules of Competition.


Outdoor Seasons

Outdoor 8v8

  • No offsides

  • Rolling substitutes that must enter/exit the side of the field where their team is located

  • Kick-ins to return ball from out of play

  • All free kicks are direct

  • You can score from a kick-in, goal kick, corner, etc.

  • Five (5) yards must be given on all free kicks and kick ins

  • If an indirect foul occurs in the box, a direct free kick will be given at top of the box

  • Slide tackling is not permitted (Coed and Men’s)

  • Sliding when an opponent is not around is permitted

  • Penalties taken from the penalty spot (run-ups are permitted)

  • Goal kicks given when the ball is put out of play by the opponent across the goal line

  • Goalkeepers are permitted to volley and half volley

  • Goalkeepers can slide in the box leading with their feet or hands, permitted they are attempting to play the ball – this is at the discretion of the referee

  • Team must have at least 5 players on the field for 8v8 game to start

  • If, after 5 minutes, the team does not have the minimum number of players on the field the game is considered a forfeit

  • All forfeits are scored at 3-0




  • Shin guards are mandatory in all CFRS leagues – players who do not have them will not be permitted to play

  • Primary team jersey/colors

  • Alternate team jersey/colors (in case of a kit clash)

  • Pinnies will be provided upon request from CFRS staff

  • Goalkeepers must wear a different color from outfield players and referee

  • Appropriate soccer attire and footwear are required, no metal cleats are permitted

  • Players are not permitted to play with:

    • Glasses (sports goggles are permitted)

    • Watches and Smart Watches

    • Jewelry

    • Cleats with metal studs

    • Hard Casts

    • Ballcaps

    • Any other equipment or item(s) deemed dangerous by the referee

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